Saturday, May 15, 2004

Laziness, work, or social compulsions

I havent been as prolific as I'd decided to be. Blame it on laziness, work, or social compulsions. Anyways, hope to make up for the lost time. Lost time reminds me of the time-- a year and half back. I had given up a comfy corporate job at Wipro; recoverd from a minor health setback; and had decided to start off my own consultacny. After seven rugged, painful-gainful, and memorable years, I decided to leave the comforts of a secured full-time job for the new challenging vistas of entrepreneurship. Thanks to my safety net Ripul (read hubbs), my constant source of unabounding energy, I could venture into the unknown wihtout any major worries. More than the failing paycheck at the end of the month, it was the oft-failing internet connection that was a major cause of worry for me. I began with small edit work, tapped my network, called friends, pinged old boyfriends to get as much leads as possible. My good old NIIT provided me the launchpad to start off. Then as luck would have it, my old bosses moved to new companies and thus started my journey into the world of editing and writing from the cool confines of my home. Thus began my SOHO christened "Kern Communications" by hubbs. Cut to today, May 15, 2004, 2 pm, about 6 major clients, over 10 projects old, and furiously working away... will write more about how to sustain the fire in the belly...more so when it's way past lunch time...:)

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