Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kern's Second Workshop on Web 2.0 in Mumbai - Post Lunch

The session is underway post lunch! Vaishnavi is doing a great job of facilitating this group of enthusiastic and vocal participants. Every participant has great insights and opinions to share - which has made the session very interactive. Now, the participants had a go at the Virtual World. They created their 'avatars' and explored places - from IKEA to Coca Cola to Amity Business School! Interesting discussion followed about the potential of using virtual world in real world training.

They weighed out the pros and cons of using virtual world versus simulations. Participants explored their use in a typical sales training scenario, in an induction program scenario and other possible applications. Post a preview of the web 2.0 tools and their potentials, they are now on to hands-on tasks about tackling their workplace training using these tools.

As part of the team activities, the teams came up with very interesting ideas about the uses of Web 2.0 tools in their training scenario. Post enthusiastic discussions about Kern's philosophy of 360 degree training, the workshop came to an end. We hope to carry forward discussions, exchange ideas, and share information with our participants on our Workshop forum. Thanks to Rahul for all logistical support! It was a great venue, great participants, and a great workshop!


Swati said...

It was an interesting workshop - where the tech tools that we use to connect for personal work could be effectively utilized for Training or Official Work.
The main learnings would be the exposure to Virtual World - something we all knew and had read about but had not gone and used.
How do we use the virtual reality at work ?At present this discussion seems premature but lets see how the future unfolds. Learnings are never waste as you never know when you draw on your knowledge back.
It was nice to be a part of the workshop on 7th March.

Geeta Bose said...

Thank you Swati. We too benefitted a lot from your thoughts and ideas. In fact, many interesting ideas came up during group activities, which are valuable inputs for training scenarios.

One of the ideas from your team about giving a virtual world feel to structured eLearning was very interesting! Yes, like you said, the use of some of these tools may be premature now, but we can always push the boundaries of training by exploring them.