Saturday, February 28, 2009

Siftables - A shift in the way we do things?

Siftables are the latest rage - gamers, technology enthusiasts, learning professionals, researchers, everybody is trying to explore its potential. From the limited information that we have about Siftables on the Internet, I could think of the following uses off the cuff:

- teaching-aid during workshops (demo flow charts, processes, phases, cause-effect relationships) am tired of flip charts, videos, and flash cards :)

- demo tools during boardroom meetings (can say bye bye to laptops/LCD projectors - but yes may be cumbersome for a larger group)

- work as calculators and memory-aids in old-age homes (the display size being bigger than a calculator but need to check the ease of use among older people)

- designers can use this to ideate, mock-up sequences, demo and share possible combinations of their design (has the potential of being used as a prototyping tool)

Check out some interesting news posts and video about Mediamesh another piece of display technology. Watch the Siftables and Mediamesh video

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Archana Narayan said...

I really loved the video on siftables, especially the parts that highlighted color mixing, how a child can learn about the sun rising, and the word game. Interesting possibilities for k-12 ...