Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Workshop 2.0: Insights and Ideas for Future

Our first workshop on Training 2.0 ended on a great note on January 31. Vaishnavi has captured it well. The participants were happy about that the workshop met their expectations. Don't forget to hear what they have to say about the workshop.

The workshop also threw up some interesting insights about Web 2.0.

- Most of the participants have been using Web 2.0 tools without actually being aware that these are Web 2.0 tools.

- The most common perception about Web 2.0 tools are that these are just networking tools. You can use these to stay connected. Not many were aware of the potential of these tools in training.

- Individual classroom trainers were most excited about the prospect of using these tools to deliver training. While there was initial hesitance or insecurity about sharing "content" freely, they seemed to warm up to the idea of using Podcasts, videocasts, blogs, and forums to reach out to a larger audience!

- Virtual world has a perception that you can "kill hours" on it during leisure. The case studies of 'training in virtual world' really set people thinking and they started throwing ideas...

We have started receiving requests for future workshops from HR Managers in Mumbai, engineering institutes, and other individual trainers. Vaishnavi is also thinking of updating the content of the workshop and throw in interesting activities for participants where they have hands-on experience designing learning using some of the Web 2.0 tools.

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